Cooking has become something that I have enjoyed more and more over the years. I have to be honest and say that I’m not a natural in the kitchen and there has been a few disaster meals along the way! However, I do believe in making home cooked food when possible, it’s healthy, cost effective and you have complete control of what goes in your food! Eating well should encompass a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable diet.


Most of the food I buy is from normal, everyday shops and supermarkets – so the meals I make will have ingredients that are easily accessible. I will try and support local businesses too, so I have a local fishmonger, cheese shop and butchers that I will visit every so often. Every week I receive a veg box from a local farm where I get a selection of seasonal veggies – occasionally I get some of the more unusual and lesser known items – it keeps things interesting!


My recipes will be simple and easy to follow. If I can make them then anyone can!