Spotlight on Coeliac Disease – Dispelling Myths

This week from 8th - 12th May 2017 is Coeliac Awareness Week in the UK. Here are 7 myths surrounding the condition that I want to dispel: 1. Coeliac Disease is an allergy to gluten – Myth! Coeliac Disease is often thought of as an allergy or intolerance to gluten but it is actually an … Continue reading Spotlight on Coeliac Disease – Dispelling Myths

Discover Catalan Cuisine in Barcelona

Catalan Cuisine Barcelona makes up one of four provinces of Catalonia, an area that covers the Northeast part of Spain. Catalan cuisine is influenced by its perfect location on the Mediterranean coast, whilst surrounded by the mountains and woodlands. Because of this there is an abundance of seafood and fish as well as all the … Continue reading Discover Catalan Cuisine in Barcelona