10 Reasons to be a Dietitian

As Dietitians Week comes to a close I wanted to share with you all a reason why I love doing what I do…being a dietitian. But what would be even better is if I shared the thoughts of other dietitians too.

Some of you may be unsure what a dietitian actually does day to day. I know that I’ve had some interesting chats with my friends and family, convincing them that I’m not the food police!

I love this picture….


A  registered dietitian can work in many different areas such as hospitals, clinics, industry, media, education and research (just to name a few!).

I’ve gathered ten quotes from fabulous dietitians who work in hospitals across different specialities and asked the question ‘Why do you love being a dietitian?’. This is what they said…

1.  “Realising the huge impact my diet had had on my life is what made me become a dietitian. I want to help improve people’s lives in what way I can”

(rotational dietitian, research masters)


2.  “My favourite thing about being a Dietitian is building rapport with the patients and their parents, and watching them develop over time. I love it when you review an infant formula or tube feed and the patient has really improved: when their symptoms have resolved or they have gained significant weight and you know that you have been able to make a real difference to their quality of life”

(Specialist paediatric dietitian)


3. “My favourite part of being a dietitian is getting the chance to think, all day long, about food and how it works in our bodies”

(Specialist Renal dietitian)


4. “It’s really rewarding to have a two-way discussion with someone about practical ideas and suggestions for optimising their nutrition intake…..to find an extra snack or drink that a patient enjoys taking which improves their nutrition and helps them feel better”

(Specialist stroke dietitian)


5. “I love being a dietitian because it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the science behind nutrition translates into all languages. It’s exciting learning about new cultures and religions and food is always central to our lives no matter what our background”

(Specialist dietitian working abroad, UAE. Author of Our Daily Bread blog)


6. “Helping people to understand the changes made to their digestive tract after their cancer removal operation and providing nutritional support to help them through their recovery”

(Specialist surgery and critical care dietitian)


7. “What matters to me …(about being a dietitian)…is that every patient receives individualised evidence based information to facilitate an improvement in their health or to manage a chronic condition and that this is done in empathetic and compassionate way”

(Dietetic manager and professional team lead)


8. “using evidence and facts to guide and support patients to make practical changes to their diets that will make real changes to their lives, whether that’s reducing their symptoms (e.g. patients with IBS) or helping them gain lost weight”

(Specialist gastroenterology dietitian)


9. “my favourite thing is being able support people though the difficult time of surgery and be able to tailor nutrition advice and feeding plans to suit their needs when they leave hospital”

(Specialist Oncology head and neck dietitian)


10. “I love science and anatomy and learning how food and nutrition impacts on health and recovery from illness. Being able to use this knowledge to help a patient feel better, manage symptoms, gain weight or feel stronger is the best bit about the job as it makes a real impact on peoples lives ”

(This last one is from me, specialist critical care and surgical dietitian)


Happy Dietitians Week!


Written by Lilia Malcolm (with a little help from her friends!), June 2017

(dietitian humour image sourced from WordPress page)

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